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The Heart of what we do: Loving People, Building Resilience, and Living Responsibly


This blog post is by Southwest's Managing Director of Communication and Outreach Laurie Barnett



At Southwest Airlines, it’s always been about Heart.  It’s about Loving People and putting others first.  It’s about being more than an airline.  It’s about finding that one way to serve that makes each person feel special.  It’s about Building Resilience through connections that last and being part of a community that helps one another because distance shouldn’t keep us from being neighbors. 


It’s about Living Responsibly and doing things the Southwest Way, which means we do it because we want to, not because we have to. Because whether in the air or on the ground, we believe community is more than a place; it’s at the heart of what brings us together. 


We have a strong history of investing in our communities.  Southwest is much more than a partner; we champion causes and build connections that help cities thrive.  Our heart is to do what’s right.  Our Heart doesn’t simply give back; it gives forward because we know that the most resilient communities are the ones with the strongest connections and we believe the act of connecting can make the world feel a bit smaller and the future a little brighter and it all starts with Heart

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Explorer A

Great video. Very inspirational! Would love to give my time to help Southwest with their mission and help play it forward for those in need!