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The Magic of Southwest

Frequent Flyer C

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My husband and I both serve in the U.S. Air Force, and even though I only served four years, my husband committed more than 21 years of active duty service. While he was still serving, we were stationed in Golsboro, North Carolina, at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. We used most of our vacation time to visit our family, but once my now eight-year-old daughter Mackenzie was born, we took some time to visit the happiest place on Earth—Disney World. Disney became our safe place, our happy getaway, and the one place we could enjoy our time as a family.


Once my husband retired, we moved to his home state of Colorado. We continued our Disney World vacations, but since we’ve moved so far away, we must now fly to our magical kingdom. Our newest tradition is flying Southwest to get to Disney World, and as it turns out, we love Southwest for the same reasons we love Disney World! They take exceptional care of military members, keep us safe, and provide continuous happiness thanks to all of their incredible Customer Service Agents, Pilots, Mechanics, and Flight Attendants. When we board each Southwest flight, we know we’re headed to our favorite place in the world.


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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Southwest, for each and every magical memory you’ve helped us create! Cheers to the trips you’ve taken us on, and cheers to the trips to come—including a future one to Disney World during the holidays. It’s high on our bucket list; after all, what could be better than flying from the Colorado snow to warm and sunny Orlando, where we’ll truly experience being home for the holidays.


So as our story goes, Disney World is our home away from home, and Southwest Airlines is our magical carriage that gets us there.