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The Makeshift Green Screen, For The Win

Explorer C
When I saw that SWA was on Viddy with a contest, I knew that I had to make something that would be entertaining and decent. At first, I was upset due to lack of ideas. It might not seem like a long time, but it took about an hour for us to come up with a 15-second Viddy.
We pulled out the green screen and all the lights for best effect. We knew that we needed gold. We needed to raise the bar to the highest of highs so no one could reach.

So... we went skydiving.
We decided we were going to jump out of the competitor's airplane because of the crappy deal we got. I luckily brought a parachute. My brother? He didn’t. Of course, this was all done in my living room, so it was all in good fun.
I actually searched on YouTube for a while, perusing old SWA footage. They had a lot of clever commercials, so I knew what had to be done. Once we uploaded the Viddy, I got that rush that keeps me making Viddy’s, the “I just made something funny” feeling.  I submitted my entry on the first day of the contest.  Since it ran for more than a week, the anticipation started to gnaw away at me (you can see a few other Viddy's I made illustrating my agony).

But it all paid off.

Thank you, Southwest, for making this contest!! Without this, I wouldn’t be able to take my wife on a trip of her life!!! She loves Disneyland so we were thinking Disney WORLD®!!!! Orlando, Florida here we come!