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The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

Adventurer C
Well, Gary asked for some Halloween costume help and you came to his rescue... Feast your eyes on the one...the only (well, maybe not the only)...CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!! Special thanks to Jules who first suggested this and for those of you who seconded the suggestion. However, if I am told to walk the plank today...I know who to blame. From all of us here at Southwest Airlines...Happy Halloween! Gary_Jack.jpg 
Explorer C
I have to admit - Gary looked FANTASTIC last Friday!
Explorer C
Who said you can't have fun at work? Our office dressed up today too.
Explorer C
Three years in a row, the "buttoned down accountant" has demonstrated a fondness for long haired, hippie characters. My response? WAY TO GO, GARY!!! 😉
Adventurer C
How about pictures of the blog team or the bloggers? 🙂
Frequent Flyer B
Gary did look very convincing, and what that picture doesn't show is that his boots were very close to BURNT ORANGE... I'm proud of my fellow Longhorn for coming out of his shell, and I'm convinced that his 'inner pirate' was at least partially inspired by some of the characters on the Drag in Austin! Hook 'em, Gary! Kim 🙂
Explorer C
Flights took me from OKC - DAL for a quick stop - then on to Houston. Not all were dressed up, but have to say that when i checked in for my flight from OKC, i had to take a double take because one of the agents was dressed in a police uniform. The shirt had police patches on it, and though a second take was necessary to make sure it was a costume - a police shirt or patch probably shouldnt be worn in today's environment - even with the mini skirt and leather hat. Eyes are drawn to the police on the uniform - otherwise overall KUDOS on the spirit - especially at LUV Field where the decorations hanging from the ceiling and the display at Gate 05 was really a nice touch. Keep up the great work - all year long -
Adventurer B
Nice costume Gary. Looks like you're ready to go to the black hole in Oakland and cheer on the raiders...
Adventurer C
Hubba Hubba Jack Sparrow, but Gene Simmons will always be my favorite!
Explorer C
What? No comments about Herb's costume? Herb was nattily dressed in his business suit and fedora....along with his nametag: PERRY MASON. Colleen, of course, went as DELLA.
Explorer C
I guess you can dress any way you like at Southwest as long as you don't try to look your best. Regarding the latest mini skirt incident, all I can say is "Shame On You Southwest" for treating your customers in such a manor, and supporting your employees improper behavior for such an obvious mistake. This is just another example as to why I'd rather drive than fly.