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The Must-Have Southwest Fall Accessory!

Adventurer B

The fashionable accessory for this fall season is the new Southwest Airlines pet carrier.  Seen in the trendiest of places--like the airport and onboard Southwest jets--the new carrier recently provided a dash of color to Gary’s Halloween costume, and Lloyd the cat was seen modeling one right here on the Southwest Blog. 

If you are traveling with your furry four-legged friend, you can purchase one of these good looking, high-quality carriers to help properly transport Fluffy and Fido.  This bold fashion statement fits comfortably beneath the aircraft seat and provides a well-ventilated and roomy rest for your beloved pet.

The carriers are exclusively available at a Southwest ticket counter near you or online at  Help Fluffy and Fido be fashionable and safe this holiday season, because Pets Are Welcome at Southwest (P.A.W.S.)!  For more information on P.A.W.S. and our pet fares, visit

Explorer C
Thank you for allowing pets! I have had great experiences flying with my little pooch. For all the naysayers, he has always been well behaved. Sometimes the people next to me don't even realize I have a dog with me. Now that SW flies into New York, Boston and Washington I will always fly SouthWest! Your staff is always the best and I am thrilled to fly with you. Now if only you could get some flights to Europe . . .
Explorer C
We're not in Kansas anymore. Thanks SWA!
New Arrival
Look who knew Dorothy graduated from The Universtiy of Texas? Check out her ring, HOOK EM!