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The Playlist Retreat: Inspiring Creativity and Collaboration in Music

Explorer C


At Southwest Airlines, we want to help connect you to your passions. And we know that music—from hip hop to country to indie, alternative, urban, rock, classical and everything in between—is a passion for many of you. It’s part of the fabric that brings us and our communities together, inspiring people to think outside the box and express themselves a little differently—and that’s certainly something Southwest knows a thing or two about.


Recently, Southwest was a proud sponsor of The Playlist Retreat. Hosted and created by DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Playlist Retreat is an intimate gathering of progressive artists for the purpose of inspiration, motivation, and collaboration. The retreat facilitates the organic exchange between people who believe in the greater purpose of expression through music, and since it provides a space for many up-and-coming DJs and musicians to come together and grow, we knew the partnership was a natural fit for Southwest.


While we helped make sure the attendees enjoyed their travel experience to and from the retreat, they also made sure to have some fun remixing one of our famous jingles. Check out the video above to see if you can recognize the remixed tune and let us know your thoughts below!