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The Pooch Parade

Frequent Flyer C
I came across this blog post today about the Dallas Pooch Parade.  The dogs were paraded through Lee Park in Dallas on Easter Sunday.  There were three categories to compete in: small dogs, large dogs, and dog-owner look alikes.  Pictured below is the winner of the "large dog" division....a bulldog dressed as a Southwest Airlines classic plane.  Click here for the full story from the Dallas Morning News. SW Bulldog
Frequent Flyer B
That's cute! I LUV it! I wish I could get that costume for my dog. :) Thought for the day: Why is it called sponge cake when it's not made out of a sponge? It must be because it's soft. When you want to fly the best, fly Southwest! SWA LUV! 🙂
Explorer C
We're the owner of this dog. We actually entered three "wide body" SWA jets in the Pooch Parade Sunday. We love SWA, so thought it would be fitting to dress up our dogs in Shamu, Lonestar, and Classic paint schemes. Pictured is Sir Henry Basil Porterhouse, our two year old English Bulldog, in classic SWA colors. LUV SWA! The Smiths and Rissers
Aviator C
Spot On! Sir Henry! You do the house of Porterhouse proud with your sartorial selections. Brian
Explorer C
Adorable! Hey SWA - I'd buy an outfit like this if it was in Chihuahua size! FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I SO wish I could bring my dog to Texas from California when I go but he's too little to go in cargo. How about a "dogs welcome" flight every now and then?