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The Power of Orange

Explorer C


On a January afternoon, I was walking to my gate to board my flight from SMF to LAX when I heard the most cheerful voice coming from up ahead of me. I instantly hoped that I would sit beside this obviously happy person. When my turn to come through the door came, I was greeted by this shining and loving voice from an amazing red-haired Flight Attendant . She quickly told me that she loved that I was wearing orange and that it was her favorite color.  I told her that I wear it everyday. To my surprise, she told me she would look for me onboard to show me a picture.


This Flight Attendant, Denise, proceeded to tell each Passenger coming onboard one thing that would be special to them. Her Spirit was truly amazing. She didn't miss a beat to share her LUVing Spirit with everyone.


Then Captain Chad made the announcement that he was trying to get over his lack of speaking skills and thought today would be the day to start. He shared a message that rang close to my heart. He said that we should simply love more. We do not know how much time we have and we should make the best of it, and loving more would be a good way to do so. He said we should get on the phone and call our mother or someone special and tell them how much we love them.  


He told us he was going to challenge himself and he asked that we do the same. He ended his short, simple, yet powerful message by asking all of us to accept his challenge and to try to love more. Rounds of applause emerged from the whole plane. His message was from his heart. We, as Customers, appreciated and needed to hear his message.


I had just had a sad trip to Sacramento, and I needed to hear these things from the Flight Attendant Denise and Captain Chad. Their attitude assured me I was going to be treated with total love and respect, and it made me tear up. But this story isn't about me! It is about the Captain and his amazing message about love, and this Flight Attendant who wanted everyone to know they are loved.


Interestingly enough, my final destination on that day was LOVE FIELD in Dallas, where the Spirit of Love is strong. These two amazing people, who were complete strangers, made me feel like I got on the right plane to begin the rest of my life, filled with love from now on. I have been back home a few days now and their Spirit of Love still warms my heart.


So, Yes! I waited patiently to see the picture Flight Attendant Denise wanted to share with me on that special flight. Turns out the picture was a full orange Christmas treeeverything was orange!  


Her excitement to share this personal picture with me was contagious. I got to tell my own love of orange and how I had found a kindred Spirit of Orange Power with this awesome Flight Attendant.





I wear orange EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I believe in the Power of Orange, it is my own way of adding positive energy to my life. Orange is a color that can't be missed and it stands out on it's own. When I need it, all I have to do is look at my clothes and I am cheered up. I can go to Home Depot and be a better builder/home owner by seeing Orange all over the store. I see Orange highway signs on the road that say, "Warning Workers Ahead," and it reminds me to be a better driver. The list goes on. And yes, Southwest has Orange on the Rapid Rewards card that I have in my wallet—it helps me be a better Passenger.


As I got off the plane, I stopped to talk to Flight Attendant Denise. Of course, she had more pictures to share with me. Her bike is Orange, her running shoes are orange, and her shorts and shirt are orange. She had been touched with Orange Power (as I call it) just like I have. We are twins from different mothers, right? I told her how I felt as the Captain spoke, and she ran inside and brought him back with her so that he could hear my story. I got a hug from both of them. 


I accept my challenge Captain Chad, I promise to share as much orange Love as I can. Thank you Denise for sharing your own personal Orange Power with me. Thank you Southwest for putting these two on this flight, which ultimately pats me on the back for my own Orange Spirit.  Keep the sky orange and full of Love for all of my future Southwest flights!