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The Sesquicentennial Episode of Red Belly Radio!

Frequent Flyer B
What do ZZ Top, Modern Lighting, Philadelphia, and a sesquicentennial have in common? Sesquicentennial? My guest on this, the 150th episode of Red Belly Radio, is Bob Montgomery. Bob is the VP of Airport Affairs. This means he knows everything about most airports (that we fly to) but I talked to him about Love Field and the construction going on there now. ZZ Top? Love Field had one of the first moving sidewalks anywhere. Billy Gibbons, one of the bearded guitarists of ZZ Top, used to be in a band called the Moving Sidewalks. I quiz Bob about that. Modern Lighting? If you have ever been to Love Field you may have noticed the lighting at the corner of the terminal by gates 3, 4, 5. Have you ever seen light fixtures like those anywhere else? Clearly it was someone’s idea of modern and apparently unique to Love Field. In all fairness, it would probably be a very dark corner without them. Texas Ranger? Not a baseball question--but a statuary issue. Bob answers what has and has and will happen to the statue of that Texas Ranger at Love Field. Philadelphia? One of the great visuals of Love Field is a world map in Terrazzo. Since the airport was first build a few borders have changed, a few countries have different names, and my favorite part: Philadelphia is missing the second “L.” Perhaps a difficult word to spell--or perhaps it was done on purpose? The text and Terrazzo are very similar in color--this photo has been altered to show the lettering. Listen to all 150 episodes of Red Belly Radio which is a podcast and is available as a click and listen here on SWALife, or you can subscribe to the RSS fee via iTunes. By subscribing, new episodes will be delivered to your iPod. Just search Red Belly Radio or Southwest Airlines in iTunes and look under Podcasts.