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The Southwest Age of Television Returns

Adventurer C
If you happen to be in the airport in Denver or Baltimore, and find yourself suddenly entering the filming of a television show, don’t be alarmed: Southwest Airlines is headed back to cable! 

Joining forces with the TLC network, production will begin this week on a new series giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at modern air travel. 

We’ll bring you tales of our Employees helping Customers and each other, all the while featuring our Legendary Customer Service and Spirit.  Think of it like Nuts About Southwest, only a lot more visual!

The show will follow all aspects of Southwest Airlines, from Ramp Agents and Customer Service Agents to Flight Attendants and Pilots (and many more).
A title and premiere date for this new show have not yet been set, but the network has ordered 13 half-hour episodes.

We’re excited to open our doors to TLC viewers! So stay tuned, will ya?
Explorer C
please dont forget about Provo 🙂
Explorer C
I really miss the show "Airline" and catch all the reruns whenever I can find them, so this is great news!
Explorer C
So happy this is coming back! Loved watching people in their raw state of mind when delayed/denied boarding...And how great Southwest handled these "incidents"
Explorer C
This is great! you guys rock, I have been missing the TV show, loved the stories and adventures your employees and costumers had all the time. Congrats and we will be waiting.
New Arrival
Woohoo! Loved the last show when it was on!
Explorer C
I am excited about your new show and hoping I get caught up in the filming when I fly into Denver this coming Sunday. Keep up the fun!
Explorer C
Can't wait for the new show....was disappointed when the other one went off the air!
New Arrival
Hello Ashley: LUVed your post here about the 13 episodes to soon appear on the TLC Network. You mentioned that, "The show will follow all aspects of Southwest Airlines, from Ramp Agents and Customer Service Agents to Flight Attendants and Pilots (and many more)." Will you and the Communications Team and perhaps the Marketing Team look into "bloggers" and the so-called "badges" that they earn. I read on the Blog Page in which my name appeared said, "mike_barnbaum earned the Cheerleader badge" among other things. I had to look this up and see what I made the news for. What I read about "Badges" was interesting to say the least. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to what is coming to TLC, and yes, you bet that I will stay tuned to what's next. Best Regards and Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire Southwest Team!! --Mike Barnbaum, Rapid Rewards Member and Blogger in Sacramento, California
Explorer C
Use my story. Bet you won't.