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The Southwest Heart: Its Meaning and our People


It is during difficult times that the strength of our Family can be felt the most. At the heart of our brand is our People; and the symbol of our brand is our Heart. As I hear and see stories about our Southwest People navigating our most current challenge, it reminds me of the meaning behind our Heart. Did you know that each color in the Southwest Heart represents something about our Brand?


The warm red, which is intentionally the most prominent color in the Heart, represents the warmth of our Hospitality and the Customer Service we deliver each day.


SWAHeart.jfifThe bold blue represents our innovative Spirit and our focus to constantly be better. To always be ready for what lies ahead!


The summit silver is captured in the lines of the Heart. The silver lines and border represent the precision with which we work each day to get the job done across our network.


The sunrise yellow is there to remind us that our future is always bright. Don’t ever forget that even in difficult and dark times, we know we will do what it takes to manage through a challenging situation—and the sun will eventually rise.

When all of that is brought together in the form of our Southwest Heart, it is a wonderful representation of what is ultimately our Southwest Brand—our People!


I sincerely thank each and every Employee for all you are doing each day!