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The Southwest Porch...Now Open for Winter!


Who’s ready to sip hot toddies, snuggle in a Slanket, and toast ‘smores?  That’s right, you are!  This week we opened up the winterized Southwest Porch at Bryant Park in New York City.  Many of you were with us when we opened the Porch in June.  It was so popular that we added some heaters, a fire pit, and even created a new menu so the summer fun could continue into the winter!

This time of year Bryant Park (behind the New York Public Library in the heart of midtown between 5th and 6th Avenues, and between 42nd and 44th Streets) is full of the holiday spirit with an ice skating rink and holiday shops.  How perfect is it to have the Southwest Porch tucked away in the winter wonderland, where folks can cool their heels and warm their bones?!

Our partners at ‘wichcraft added some incredible new creations to the menu at the Porch.  We’re serving flavored popcorn, savory chili, and ‘smores—just to name a few items!  The Porch also offers spiked cider, tipsy hot chocolate, and Irish coffee--just the ticket to warm the soul after a hard day at work or a long day of sightseeing!

The Porch is open from noon-9pm daily and we’ll have our “winter look” going through March 2010.

Next time you’re in NYC, pay us a visit!  We have a Slanket with your name on it, and we’ll keep the fire lit for you!

Explorer C
Southwest LUVs their Southwest Porch. They serve some nice beer. Too Bad they are taking away all their hotel Food and Bev discounts from their Flight Crews over the next year. First they take the culture from the crews. Next the crews treat their customers bad. Don't do it SWA! Treat your crews well! Don't take away their discounts at the hotels!!
Explorer C
Why should flight crews get airline-endowed discounts on layovers? I sure don't when I'm traveling! And as for the culture thing I had two of THE B.E.S.T EVER flight crews on two flights this past Wednesday. I certainly didn't see their culture flagging. To paraphrase the high school cheer...THEY HAVE SPIRIT, YES THEY DO, THEY HAVE SPIRIT, HOW 'BOUT YOU???