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The Wisdom of Ding! boy

Aviator C
In the past year or so, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of everyone's comments, and the dialogue has been great.  Sometimes, specific comments stand out, but at other times, the comments form a stream of consciousness.  No, I am not talking about William Faulkner or James Joyce, but here is a specific example of which I am talking.  If you have been reading the blog for any amount of time, you have probably noticed those catchy slogans with which Ding! boy (aka Joe Friedmann) almost always closes his blogs.  If you haven't noticed, here's a sampling-along with my "scholarly" narrative in parenthesis.  (The first one below is a complete version-I have deleted the "Ding! boy" from most of the rest): No messages to display. Stay tuned for new messages. Ding! boy Joe  (But, there are plenty more messages, see below.) As told to.  (Gee, sounds like a celebrity autobiography to me.) The total due exceeds the available balance. Please insert more money.  (Was this a sign next to a slot machine?) Now caffeine free (Since when did water have caffeine anyway?) Now with real fruit juices (As opposed to unreal juice?) Remove foil before microwaving (Well, duh!) Searching to find out who plants dandelions in my yard... (Rumor has it that this is being done by the grouch down the street from Joe.) I injured my endoplasmic reticulum today!   (Ouch, Ding! boy that must hurt.) A tradition in airplane dining experience for over 35 years!  (Aren't "airplane" and "dining experience" self-canceling phrases?) Blog boy says, "Smithers, get me some more candy corn."  (Egggggselent) The following program is intended for immature audiences only. Viewer indiscretion is ill advised.   (I never want to be ill advised, but I have been called immature before.) I go! You go! We all San Diego!  (So, where in the world is Carmen San Diego?) No postage necessary if mailed in the United States (How about if you mail it in Guam?) We plan-you plant.  (See dandelion reference above) Remove infant before folding stroller.  (So, that's how they work?) ½ block north of the current location (Are you on the east or west side of the road?) Outstanding in the field.  (Is this better than being out sitting in the field during a lightning storm?) And here are my two favorites, which are both references to the funniest movie ever made, AirplaneShirley, you can't be serious!  (I told you not to call me Shirley!) The white zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers. There is no stopping in the red zone.  (I'm sorry, Joe, but I didn't hear that because I have a drinking problem.) And finally, Doing the "I'm famous dance" Ding! boy Joe  (After this post, you are famous Joe!) We salute your Fun-LUVing attitude, Ding! boy, and you make our lives a lot brighter with your "off-the-wall" signoffs.  Reading your comments is almost as much fun as reading the old Burma Shave roadside signs from when I was a little bloglett (borrowed from Ding! boy and his dingletts) riding in the car with Blog Dad and Blog Mom.  You've helped make Nuts About Southwest what it is today.