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The Wonders of Air Travel

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I've written in past blogs about my love for travel. I still find it almost magical that I can wake in New England and then enjoy dinner on the West Coast. A family friend and neighbor is an account executive for a company that manufactures machines that test and repair railroad tracks...get this, his "territory" is all the world except for Asia.  Check that geographical area out on a globe sometime!! His wife gives him shopping lists for items in London, Paris, South Africa, and South America! Wow! My son went skiing in Colorado last week. He left his townhouse in Central Texas in the morning and was at the base of Vail Mountain that afternoon. On his return home, he woke up to 14 degree temps in Breckenridge, Colorado, and six inches of fresh snow, had a crepe at a local eatery, and just a few hours later, via Denver (DEN), was riding his Vespa back in Texas in 62 degree weather...that to me is amazing. I am writing this post by the hotel pool in Ontario, California (ONT). In less than eight hours [including stops in Oakland (OAK) and Las Vegas (LAS)], I will be enjoying the music in a jazz club in the Philadelphia (PHL) theater district. Enough about what I find incredible about the speed of air travel. I'd like to hear some of your magical travel moments. The World's Greatest CEO, our very own Gary Kelly in our inflight magazine Spirit, has urged our Customers to use Southwest's 3,200+ daily flights "to go out and make some memories." Fellow blogger Brian Lusk asked you to tell us about your favorite airports; I'd like to hear about your journeys. Did you wake up single in New Orleans (MSY), and then watch the sunset that evening in Maui (OGG) married to your best friend? Tell us about it! And, as you sit at your keyboard composing your story, I hope the memory brings a smile to your face and a warmth to you heart.