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The ‘Wright’ Way to Fly

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The Wrights As Employees of the LUV Airline, there is nothing we enjoy more than reading a good LUV story!  Customer Jeff Wright reached out to us recently to share how Southwest has helped him connect to what's important in his life—his wife of 14 years—through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. Jeff was recently traveling home from a business trip to celebrate his and his wife’s 14th wedding anniversary, and the final flight of his journey was the last flight that he needed to qualify for a Companion Pass—what a great anniversary gift! The Wrights LUV to travel to FUN destinations like San Diego together (as seen in the photo above), and Jeff is quick to point out that, “Despite the fact that the Wright Amendment always required us to make at least one extra stop during our yearly flights from Love Field to California, as well as to the East Coast, we have always chosen to fly Southwest.”  And, although their last name is Wright, they have no connection to (or LUV for) the Wright Amendment!  The Wrights say that they look forward to the expiration of the Wright Amendment this October—just a few days before their 15th wedding anniversary—so that they can fly nonstop to their favorite vacation destinations!
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We flew from Phoenix, AZ to New Orleans, LA on February 1, 201 4. Just want to thank the entire crew of Southwest Airlines Flight #3859 for the most enjoyable and fun flight ever! Had an absolute blast and never laughed so much during a flight! Thank you so much! What a great start to a great vacation!!
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Hi Janet ... I'm so glad to learn that our wonderful Flight Crew kick started your vacation with a fun and entertaining flight! I will certainly share your kudos with their Leaders so that they know how much you enjoyed your time with our awesome Employees. Happy travels and we can't wait to see you again soon!