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These guys don't know the meaning of "Can't."

Frequent Flyer B
Have you ever played the basketball game "Horse?" it may been called "Pig" or any other number of animals or terms, but you play it by making a trick or difficult shot and the other person has to match it or he/she gets a letter. Each miss earns a letter and the first to miss enough to spell the word loses. So imagine playing with some guys who have hit shots (using regulation basketballs and hoops) from the top of Cowboy's Stadium down to the field? Or from a small airplane down to the ground? Yep, they have done that! We invited Dude Perfect to Southwest Airlines and allowed them to shoot some hoops. This collection of videos will show Dude Perfect hitting some really cool shots and each video will only get more amazing--so keep watching. In the mean time, Red Belly Radio was on hand to get an interview with two of the members, Tyler and Corey. These guys don't know the meaning of "Can't."