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They Did It!

Frequent Flyer C

Last week I brought you remarks from Gary Kelly, our Chairman, President, and CEO from the Williams Trophy Presentation in Washington DC.

In part two of this series we present remarks from Vice President Operations Coordination Center Jeff Martin who was tasked with leading the efforts of training our Pilots and retrofitting our aircraft for Required Navigational Performance, or RNP, the cornerstone of the Next Generation Air Traffic Control System.  In the last two years, the accomplishments on the RNP project are historic and industry leading:

• Modified more than 444 aircraft with software and GPS devices • Maintenance reformatted the avionics displays of 343 Boeing 737s in just four short days • Flight Ops completed 36,000 pilot training events in 24 months • Dispatch trained all Southwest Flight Dispatchers in RNP procedures • Assisted the FAA in the design of new efficient RNP procedures in 20 airports

You will hear Jeff give some of this incredible data in this week's episode of Red Belly Radio.