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Things Won't be Dull at Dulles

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In preparation for the upcoming Obama Presidential Inauguration on January 20, and the expected record crowds traveling to the Washington D.C-area for this occasion, we put together some spectacular travel tips to help plan ahead if you are traveling to this event…you lucky people…

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Do you think President-elect Obama will hop on a Southwest flight from Chicago Midway to Washington Dulles?  Probably not. But he did snap this pic with Flight Attendant Anissa Charles on a Southwest flight in 2005.


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I am a reporter from Washington DC flying on the 20th and scheduled to be in the air during the inauguration. I understand that Southwest does not have live TV on their aircrafts... but how will I be able to wittness this historic occasion.? Thank you!
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President-elect Obama is a real fan of Midway Airport. While Chicago's business elite prefers O'Hare, people on tight budgets flock to Midway with its low-fare carriers led by Southwest. I did have a lump in my throat, when I saw an Air Force 757 ferry him from Midway to Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington when he officially moved from his South Side home to the District. On his return trip to Midway, that same Air Force 757 will be known as Air Force 01. Good going Southwest for breathing life back into Midway (slated to become a shopping center) and for President-elect Obama for truly understanding the benefits of using this hassle-free gem of an airport.
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In March of 2006 Houston was lucky to have Sen Obama fly us to Austin, he shook hands , smiled for photos, carried his own bag and was so friendly. We thanked him for flying Southwest and told him we are the airline of the PEOPLE. He was great.
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Dulles Airport parking can sometimes be difficult, with 1000 to 1200 flights departing from or landing at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). Learn about your options to make your Dulles airport parking as smooth and hassle-free as possible.