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Things to do at the Nashville Airport

Adventurer C

So you checked  for Airport Arrival Times and saw that we recommend you arrive an hour and a half before departure in Nashville (BNA). You decided to play it safe and added an hour to that for the Holidays. But your checkin was so smooth that you have some extra time before your flight leaves. What to do?

Well since I work here at BNA, let me give you some suggestions:

1. Before you enter security, check out the Arts in the Airport exhibits. There is a rotating exhibit to the left of the Southwest Ticket Counter and throughout the airport (see #7)
2. If it’s a sunny day, look for the mirrors on the walls and ceilings reflecting a rainbow of colors. It can be quite a spectacular display.
3. After exiting security go to the Shoe Shine shop. I stop by regularly, and they create a mirror finish on my boots.
4. If you’re hungry, stop at Swett's between C-4 and C-7 for some amazing Southern cooking. Be sure to get some cobbler for desert. Mmmm…
5. After you get your food, step next door to Tootsie’s for some live music.
6. Just past gate C-9 is a food court with a sit down restaurant and fast food. There’s a shopping area with a book store, electronics shop, kids wear, and sunglasses.
7. The food court also has more exhibits from the Arts in the Airport program.
8. If you continue through the food court and keep going you’ll walk right into one of my favorite services in the airport, a Massage Bar!
9. If you still have some time to spare, just past the Massage Bar is Nashville Nails. And yes, guys can get manicures. You should have seen my hands before they went to work on them. Ask for the paraffin hand wax. It’s amazing!
10. If you want to let your kids burn off some energy, there is a play area in the unused gate area of C-15/17.

Now that you’ve eaten, shopped, been pampered and entertained, head on down to your gate and have a LUVly flight! I’ll see you on the baggage level when you get back.