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Things to do in Charleston

Explorer C
What does Charleston have besides great food, shopping, beaches, and Southern hospitality?  They now have Southwest Airlines!  It is always a pleasure to be part of a Team that gets to go out and prepare a Station for its opening day.  However, I would like to show you why we think you will enjoy flying on Southwest this summer to Charleston, SC..  This city is fabulous!

Upon your arrival in Charleston, if you were to have a baggage mishandling, well we have just the folks there to help you out.  Aren’t they a nice looking bunch of friendly Southwest Employees?  You wouldn’t expect anything else.
CHS Crew
Once we were outside the airport, we found the weather to be usually sunny and warm for March (although we had a couple of days that were cool and windy).   Like any Texan, I love Mexican food, so we found a place to eat called “La Hacienda” near the Tanger Outlet Mall.  The food was not your usual Tex Mex but it was delicious.  You must try the poblano peppers and tostadas, and of course a sumptuous cold and delicious margarita.  The prices were very reasonable.
Another place close to the outlet malls was called “Fatz” (it was like Chilis or TGI Fridays).  The bread there sort of melted in your mouth (or maybe the bread was hot and the butter melted). At any rate, you’ve got to try it out.  The outlet malls are great for shopping, with stores like Coach, Timberland, Guess, and Nike. 

Tanger Outlet Mall

We visited Market Street downtown and ate at Hyman’s Seafood and Mercado’s (Italian fare). Hyman’s and Mercado’s prices run a little on the expensive side, but the line's routinely out the door!

Hyman's Seafood

You must visit the Charleston Candy Kitchen that is located downtown.  I brought my husband, Tim, some pralines back and I think he is ready to send me back for more.

Charleston Candy Kitchen

Although we did not get to do any sightseeing, I noticed several areas that provide horse-drawn carriage rides.  The prices were $21.00 per person.
There is a lot of old world charm in Charleston, beginning with the plantation tours and on down to the ghost tours.  There is a lot to do in Charleston, and I hope to get to return on Southwest Airlines and enjoy the sights.

Horse and Carriage

The Carnival cruise ship named "Fantasy" departs from Charleston, offering four to six day cruises.  The Carnival Fantasy goes to the Bahamas from Charleston and the rates range from $300 to $700.   

Carnival Fantasy

Experience the beaches at the Wild Dunes, located about 30 minutes from the airport.  I hear that the sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking.  Hopefully you will get to see for yourself.

Wild Dunes

We stayed at the Sheraton in Charleston.  Everyone at this hotel was exceptionally gracious and friendly.  I truly recommend this hotel.  I'm no concierge, but if I was to rate it, I’d give it 4 stars.

Sheraton Airport Hotel

We all had a fun time sharing our time in Charleston and hope to return real soon.   We love to arrive in a city Southwest style and what better way to begin than with a party.  Everybody dance now!

Dance Party

Southwest Airlines would like to welcome each and every Southwest Customer to Charleston!
CHS Goodbye