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This One Takes the Cake!


People!   It’s the People who make this such a wonderful Company.   I’d like to introduce you to two of my new favorite People—Phoenix based Flight Attendants Jaycee and Terry.
It was Saturday, April 2 when I knew my birthday/vacation week was off to a great start when I was able to secure the one coveted 4th Jumpseat (the seat for only Employees in the back with the Flight Attendant that you hope to get when the flight is full) on Flight 1181 from Nashville to Phoenix.  Whew—my week of serious spa action in Scottsdale was a short 3 ½ hours away!  

As I headed to my special seat in the back (yes, the seat right by the lavatory), I was welcomed first by Flight Attendant, Kevin, and then in the middle of the cabin by Terry who told me who to look for (Jaycee) once I made my way to the back.

Jaycee was so warm and inviting—making sure I had space for my purse in the area where he stored his stuff, offering me some water and just chatting it up about my job.  About 15 minutes had gone by and all 137 Customers were cozied up in their seats and ready to experience that famous Southwest hospitality.

Forward and aft doors secured—check.

Safety announcements—complete.  Flight Attendants buckled up—done!

Before we had even lifted off the ground, Jaycee and I were right back into our conversation—a little bit of this and little bit of that….just good talking!   

And then, about 45 minutes into the flight, just as Jaycee had finished his drink orders, he received a call from the front that we had a medical emergency onboard.  In my sixteen years of working and flying on Southwest, I had never experienced a medical emergency.  I was so impressed with the entire Flight Crew and their ability to handle this medical emergency—it was amazing to see them in action.  It was decided to divert the flight to Little Rock so the Customer could receive the proper medical attention.  During that time on the ground in Little Rock, I had the chance to share a bit of my Southwest Spirit with the Customers onboard by passing out snacks, water and answering questions such as “Do you think I could step out the back of the plane and smoke a cigarette?”.  Yes, I did know the answer to that one!  A short time later, we were back in the air and on our way to Phoenix. After the seat belt sign turned off, I was back to passing out snacks, picking up trash and answering more questions. Passing through the cabin, one Customer questioned, “Are you supposed to be working today?”  I loved it!

It had certainly been one of my more memorable flights for many reasons, but the standout reason was that I felt as if I had made two new Southwest Friends.  Upon final approach, Terry offered to give me a ride to my hotel as he was on his final day of work and lived close to where I was going.  Knowing he was probably ready to get home, I responded with reluctance but he insisted! And, not only did he take me to my hotel, but he stopped by the store so that I could pick up some snacks and drinks.  So nice!  

Terry helped me with my luggage, we hugged and I was finally off to start my week of relaxation.  My birthday was the following day, April 3rd.  As I'm in my hotel room on my birthday, (this is the one that takes the cake!), I hear a knock at my door! Delivered to my door was a dessert tray of chocolate covered strawberries and caramel popcorn with a note that read “Happy Birthday—Jaycee and Terry”.  To say I was shocked was an understatement!  I couldn’t believe it—these two Flight Attendants that I just met by chance had completely gone “above and beyond” and made my birthday so special.  I will never forget this birthday because of Jaycee and Terry—just two of the wonderful People that make this a great Company and Family!

Jaycee and Terry—it was wonderful to meet you both!  Thank you for sharing your Southwest Spirit to your External and Internal Customers—I’m sure your kindness over the years has touched so many hearts!

P.S.  I’ve never been so happy to actually sit on the 4th Jumpseat…especially on a 3 ½ hour flight!