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Those who serve

Explorer C
As the war in Iraq continues, I'm glad to see TV shows celebrating those who have dedicated their time and, for some, their lives.  Too often we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget the meaning of what these brave, often young, men and women do for our country.  One particular show told stories of our brave soliders fighting in Iraq.  About ten minutes into it, I couldn't watch anymore because the program had just gotten too hard for me to watch.  My fiancé, Matt, is currently in Iraq on his second tour of duty.  During his first deployment, over a year and a half ago, we rarely heard of the personal stories of those soldiers.  I'm glad to see this change.  The stories of what our young men and women are going through are starting to find their way into our literature, our televisions, and our homes.  But, what surprised me most was how Southwest Airlines found its way into my home.  Last year when Matt deployed to Iraq, Southwest Airlines sent him a care package and me a letter of support.  That act alone was so extraordinary; what a gracious thing for a Company to do.  But what really got me was the concern many within the Company express when they see me.  All it takes is the pin I wear, "half my heart is in Iraq", and Pilots, Flight Attendents, CoHearts, Leaders, you name it, express their thanks to him.  We truly work with a Family here.