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Three Passions—Our Performance, Our People, Our Planet. One Southwest.

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Southwest Airlines achieved record revenues of $15.7 billion in 2011.  It took Southwest its first 24 years (1971-1994) to generate a cumulative $15.7 billion in total operating revenues. Southwest’s Employees volunteered more than 114,000 hours, which is enough time to fly from Baltimore/Washington to Los Angeles 24,516 times. More than 2,600 tons of material was diverted from landfills and into recycling facilities through Southwest’s co-mingled recycling program, which is equal to the weight of more than 61 Boeing 737-700s.

The below infographic puts into perspective some of these amazing things Southwest accomplished in 2011.   Our recently released integrated annual report, the 2011 Southwest Airlines One Report™, illustrates our commitment to the triple bottom line of Performance, People, and Planet, which creates a Culture of consistent yearly profits, enthusiastic Employees, respected Customer Service, active community involvement, and environmentally responsible decisions.

2011 Southwest One Report

The One Report details Our Performance and record load factors, illustrates that Our People are our greatest asset, and discusses how we use resources responsibly to help Our Planet. We are proud of our commitment to being a good citizen of the world, so go read the One Report. When our Customers or your family and friends ask, you will have even more reasons why Southwest is the best Company to work for! 

Enjoy reading the 2011 Southwest Airlines One Report™, which, in an effort to conserve our natural resources, can only be found online at or