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Time Capsule Diving, Part Two

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Here's more items that we pulled out of the time capsule at our 40th Anniversary Party last month

We begin with more paper work saved for posterity.  The FLIFO department contributed this flow sheet of the day’s operation for June 18, 1991, and most of the Team signed it.


This might be the most unusual item preserved in the time capsule.  It looks to be a turbine blade from a JT-8D engine on one of our 737-200s.  It is signed by about 50 folks from Maintenance and Engineering.


The “Sim Techs” underestimated the Company’s and their own futures with this contribution to the capsule.  They guessed 20 new cities and three simulators, and thankfully, they were low on both of their estimates.


How many of you remember Ticket By Mail?  We would actually “snail mail” a ticket to our Customers.  The TBM Team contributed a sample Ticket By Mail ticket for the capsule.

After the time capsule was sealed, I wonder if some Gate Agents noticed that they were missing the first boarding group of green plastic boarding passes.  However, the person who placed this batch of plastic into the capsule was prophetic in guessing that these would be historical artifacts.  That person also shows us how quickly familiar everyday tools can become forgotten memorabilia.  In that spirit, someone placed a bottle of Liquid Paper into capsule.


We can’t show all of this sculpture because the middle digit is saluting America West.  We found several articles in the capsule that had harsh words for our former competitor out of Tempe, Arizona, and it may be that the early 90s were one of several contentious periods between the two carriers..


Our final sample is the blue print of the second floor of Headquarters.  It depicts the building before the first small addition was added to the north side of what is now the three-story original building.  To see more of this document or the others shown here and on Part One, come down and visit us at the public unveiling today.

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At the risk of "admitting my age" I remember those plastic boarding passes :-) Paul In CRP