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Time Flies When You Have a Singing Gate Agent

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Southwest has always been my family’s go to airline. Whether we are going on vacation, visiting relatives, going to school, or traveling through the generosity of Southwest’s amazing Medical Transportation Grant Program, Southwest has always helped my family get to where we need to go. Most flights I’ve been on have been pretty regular: ontime, great Customer Service, I order some cran-apple and eat a few peanuts and pretzels. But, sometimes, unexpected things happen and delays are unavoidable.  It was during a delay on my most recent flight from Phoenix that a Southwest Gate Agent made the flight particularly memorable. He serenaded the plane with two special Southwest-themed renditions of “Some Kind of Wonderful” and “For Once in My Life." It was a fun time for all onboard, and it really helped make the delay fly by. Even though there isn't a serenade on every flight, it’s always a pleasure to fly an airline with heart.