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'Tis the Season for Magic


Have you ever been on the trip of a lifetime? In November, Southwest Airlines had the privilege of flying 50 families to Walt Disney World in Orlando for the 2017 Kidd’s Kids trip. I’m not a gambler, but I’d bet the Kidd’s Kids families will tell you they went on the trip of a lifetime!




Kidd’s Kids is on a mission to provide hope and happiness by creating beautiful memories for families of children with life-altering or life-threatening conditions. The Kraddick Foundation was founded in 1991 by morning show personality Kidd Kraddick, and his legacy is carried on by his daughter, Caroline Kraddick and her work with Kidd’s Kids. Thanks to donations made by listeners of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, the deserving Kidd’s Kids families left last week for an all-expense paid, five-day trip. Southwest is proud to have partnered with Kidd’s Kids for 11 years to help send the families to Orlando in Southwest style.




When it came time to begin the journey, Employees around the system made sure all of the families felt special by creating a sendoff celebration for each family before they boarded their flights. While 30 families flew out of Dallas on a charter flight, 20 families flew out of 11 other Southwest cities including Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Wichita, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Tulsa. The celebrations at each Station were all unique events—kids made announcements, enjoyed tea parties, took pictures with characters, and savored tasty treats. For many of the families traveling, this is the first time they have ever flown on an airplane and we know they loved the Southwest experience.  




Thank you to all the participating Stations and Employees for starting each family's trip off on such high note! You truly showed them outstanding Southwest Hospitality.




Explorer C

I didn't know that SWA did this. It doesn't surprise me. What a great airline!

I wish I had known when my daughter broke her ankle in Mexico. We went through every airline and Southwest was booked and the only next day flights we could find were on Spirit. They would not take her. American finally did but, charged us for 3 seats because her BROKE leg had to be extended to come back to the states for surgery. 

This is an amazing company! I guess thats why I'm trying to be a part of it!


Explorer C
Just one of the many amazing stories that shows why SWA is the LUV airline and they are all HEART. They aren't perfect but they do so much that goes on that so many don't see it can be nice to read about especially in a time where most of the news/media is dominated by negative stories, sadness and heartbreak. Thank You SWA.