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To All Our Moms!

Retired Community Manager
We wanted to give the opportunity for a few Nuts About Southwest Blog Team Mother's Day shout-outs. Don't forget to wish Mum a Happy Mother's Day! 
I'll kick things off! Every year on the Friday afternoon before Mother's Day, my Mom knows there will be flowers.  My Mother works at the middle school that I attended in my hometown of Lake Bluff, Illinois.  Growing up with your Mom in the front office of your educational institution isn't always easy.  Especially when you come from a family like mine; tough love is often learned through humiliation.  Mine came in the form of a loudspeaker, wielded by--you guessed it--none other than my Mother.  There are some children who dread going to the dentist for fear of sharp, intricate objects.  My fear was born out of my Mother calling my name over the loudspeaker.  What probably sounded like a Mother sweetly summoning her child came across as nails on a chalkboard (pun intended). 
Mom's Day Brooks
But for the past handful of years: flowers.  Well, except this year.  Instead, I got my Mom a spa day and a hair dryer.  It's the least I could do.  Thanks for giving me tough skin, Mom.  Even if it meant getting bullied on the playground.
Whitney Bartels, Customer Relations Social Media

Whitney & Mom

This picture captures my mom, my older sister, Hayley, and I on Mother’s Day 1988. At less than one year old, I was oblivious to what the next 24 years would bring. From major surgery as a toddler to graduating high school, moving to Dallas, graduating SMU, and starting my first real job, my mom has been my constant pillar of support. I don’t know what the next 24 years will bring, but I know I would not be who I am without my mom.  

I love you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Ana Schwager, Community Affairs & Grassroots

Mom and Ana

Mom, thanks for always being up for a great travel adventure!  We've shared some amazing memories all over the world.  Happy Mother's Day!  Love, Ana
Annie Hoelzel, Crew Scheduling

Annie and Mom


Every year I have been thankful you’ve been in my life, and every passing year I am more thankful than the last.  You’ve been a great mom to me and as grow older, a great friend as well.  I love your sense of humor and your straight forward attitude.  You are a great travel buddy, and I look forward to many more adventures together! 

I admire how hard you work.  You are the strongest person I know. 

I love how you’re always fixing up your house and working in your garden.  I think it’s great how you can grow butterflies like others can grow flowers. 

You were there for me when I needed you the most, and one day I hope to return the favor.  Thank you for loving me and making me always feel loved. 

Thank you for allowing me to be me.  Thank you for your support when I decided to break away from the family tradition and found my own niche in the working world.  It’s made more an impact on me than I’ll ever be able to express.

I am glad we talk on the phone as often as we do, and I love when you fly up and visit me.  It’s a good thing Houston to Dallas is such easy flight to make!

I love you so much.  Have a very happy Mother’s Day!

Annie and Mom New


The End.

Happy Bees!

Erin Terry, Marketing
As a new Mom, Mother’s Day has taken on an entirely new meaning for me this year. Not only am I being celebrated as a Mom for the first time (though having a January birthday I won’t complain about a gift-giving holiday at a different time of year – bring on the swag!), I also have a renewed admiration for my own Mom and her tireless efforts to shape my brother and I into the upstanding citizens that we are today. A teacher, a friend, a guidance counselor, a maid….like all Moms, she wears many hats! Of all the life lessons I’ve learned from her over the years, one piece of advice stands out. In sixth grade (hello, awkward pre-teen years!) I was struggling to get my bearings at a new school and integrate with a new crop of kids from various parts of town. I remember my Mom telling me time and time again….”just be nice to everyone.” The kill ‘em with kindness approach never gets old and has served me well in my adult life as well. Those who know my Mom from any aspect of her life would agree that “nice” is her middle name.
Erin and Mom
A glass half full person through and through, I admire her ability to get along with anyone and everyone while seeing the good in all situations. Thank you, Mom for instilling the value of a positive outlook on life. I’m in the camp that nice guys (or girls) don’t finish last. We’re winners before the game even starts.