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To Maureen with LUV

Frequent Flyer B
This episode features a phone interview with Maureen Harbauer who was so nice and interesting to talk to. Maureen worked in the airline industry for about 40 years and has seen a once great airline wither and another flourish even after 9-11.  She kind of puts things into perspective, especially the cycles of business and career.

During the interview, Maureen mentions the man who started Eastern Airlines. Please forgive my not knowing who Eddie Rickenbacher was. After I did some research on him, I found out he was highly influential and did a lot for the automotive and airline industries. Don’t you just love Wikipedia?

Be sure to read Paula’s post that features Maureen’s story in her own words. It works best if you read her post and listen to Red Belly Radio episode—just not at the same time.

I’m still looking for that catchy phrase/tagline. Enter for a chance to win some top-notch Southwest Airline swag.

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