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To My Father, the Southwest Fanatic

Explorer B
My Dad is an Ex-Marine, a retired air craft sheet metal mechanic, and an airplane junkie.  He also loves all things Southwest.
I'm not sure who was more excited when I was hired by Southwest: him, or me.  As a teenager, I was dragged to more air shows than I care to remember, but of course now I love planes almost as much as he does.  I benefit greatly from his knowledge of all things aviation, and I'm constantly asking him questions.
When I first started working for Southwest, the company had just turned 25 (Happy 40th, Southwest).  One of the many gifts we received was a print of a sculpture that was created for the Anniversary.  I took it over to show my Mom and Dad, and my Dad couldn't get enough of it.  He loved the fact that Herb and Colleen had signed it.
I decided as a Father's Day gift, I would have the picture framed and give it to my Dad.  So began a tradition that I've continued over the years.
The Southwest Room
I have given Dad lots of things, from memorabilia I've bought myself to some I've won in silent auctions.  One of the things my Father really looks forward to every year are the ducks.  Southwest every year has duck races, that race down a pond.  Ducks are randomly fished out of the water, and like a raffle, prizes are doled out.
My Dad also greatly appreciated the bobble heads that were sold several years ago.  They sit in "The Southwest Room," as named by my parents in their home.
So what to get my Father this year?  I think I will give him the Southwest/AirTran coin we received in the mail to commemorate uniting the two airlines together.  Too bad Gary Kelly or Bob Jordan didn't sign it.  But I'll never say never!  Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Father's Day