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Southwest Airlines Community

Today’s Learners—Tomorrow’s Leaders

Last month I had the distinct pleasure of celebrating 30 years of excellence with the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) in the beautiful windy city of Chicago. USHLI ( attracted more than 5,000 college-bound students to their college fair, presentations by world-renowned motivational speakers, and many informative panels. The organization is steered by one of the most respected and influential Latinos of our time, Doctor Juan Andrade, Jr.

Doctor Andrade has received awards and honors from the highest levels of government both in the U.S. and Mexico; holds five Doctorate degrees; and works tirelessly to motivate and activate youth to get involved, get an education, and give back to their communities.

Just as you’re thinking—Okay, I’m sold, what a great organization … wait, it gets better!  Southwest Airlines is the official airline of USHLI.  For over 15 years, we have partnered with Doctor. Andrade and have gotten to know many of the students who have attended the national and regional conferences. Every single year, I am blown away by the talent and caliber of USHLI’s participants—we have some truly amazing students doing some incredible things out there!
In the business world, many companies base their involvement (in anything) on the return on investment, right?  Well, without seeking the guidance of Wall Street, I think I can safely say that SWA goes above and beyond when making wise investments. Our “return” is right in front of us for all to see.  I am confident that we have supported the next wave of talented teachers, doctors, scientists, musicians … maybe even the next President of the United States!  Our investments are paying off, and the future ahead looks bright!

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