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Tooth Fairy makes 'House Call’ on Southwest Flight for Young Passenger

Explorer C

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On our way home from visiting family in Boston, my five-year-old lost his front tooth while standing in line waiting to board. I don’t know how the Crew found out, but from the moment we stepped on the plane they made him feel like a toothless rock star! He was getting high fives and "let me see that smile" while we walked down the aisle to our seats—I've never seen him grin so big! 


Once in air, a Flight Attendant came over with a shocked look on her face and said, “Oh my goodness! Look what was just delivered?” My son, Solomon, looked up and she was holding a dollar bill from the tooth fairy! He was so excited and completely stunned as to how the tooth fairy even knew where to find him!


large.jpgLater once we landed, after the "welcome to Baltimore, it is now safe to use your cell phone" announcement, we heard "we're glad everyone chose to fly with us and we think everyone is special; however, there is an extra special boy named Solomon sitting in the middle of the plane who lost his front tooth today. He's extremely excited to go home and put his tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy. She came onboard this morning and gave $1 but left a tip jar if anyone wants to contribute to Solomon's tooth fund as you deplane!"


By the time we got up to the front of the plane, there was $10 in his tip cup! When we got into the airport he said, “I want to fly those planes all the time, they are the nicest people I’ve ever met.” Thank you Southwest Crew of Flight #442, you made Solomon's week. We will be Customers for life!

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