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Top o' the morning to ya!

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You know you work at a crazy-fun Company when you ask a Coworker in the bathroom if she has any pointy ears—and she doesn’t bat an eye. What on earth would I need pointy ears for, you ask? Why, for my leprechaun outfit, ye lads and lasses!

There are times in your life when you are called upon for a higher purpose. One must cast aside their petty troubles and report for duty with an impish smile and a twinkle in the eye. This was one of those times: Southwest Airlines requested my presence as a leprechaun on a DAL-HRL flight last Thursday, March 12th.

I slipped on my sparkliest slippers, donned my most dapper derby hat, and mildly attempted an Irish accent. (That last part was not so successful.) Then fellow sprite Steve Heaser and I set off for a journey across Texas to spread some shamrock cheer, and sprinkles of that SOUTHWEST SPIRIT.

I was amazed to learn that even on a 7:30 am flight, our Customers were eager to play some inflight trivia and take their picture with me—before they’d even had their coffee, no less. Armed with a pot-o-gold (okay, pot-o-brown), I handed out green bubblegum doubloons, Southwest tschotkes, coloring kits, and—oh yes—a roundtrip ticket for the best picture taken with the Leprechaun.*

Interacting with Customers is always a treat for me, but my Flight Crew really put the cherry on top of my delightful day. Special thanks to my Flight Attendant Neicee Coulson, who truly had the biggest heart and Fun-LUVing attitude on the plane that day.

*All decisions are final and completely subjective, as leprechauns are nonsensical creatures and cannot be held accountable for much of anything.


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How cute! Such a fun group to work with. Love the pictures!