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Southwest Airlines Community

Touching Hearts and Improving Communities through Volunteerism Efforts


The following blog post was co-written by Andrea Cavanagh and Anna Knuth


The Southwest Heart is about loving people, building resilience, and living responsibly. We take care of people because we are more than an airline; we are your neighbor.


As a good neighbor, Southwest is a Company that supports and encourages volunteerism. We know what a remarkable difference our Employees can make, so we offer multiple opportunities for them to share their Servant’s Heart. Whether it’s through a Companywide initiative or on an individual basis, our Employees extend their Hearts in service—they create community wherever they are by volunteering time, talent, and Heart to make a difference. 


Employees in Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix recently volunteered with the Resilient Communities Impact Program, a whole-community effort, engaging local changemakers to take individual and collective action to ensure all neighborhoods are thriving places of opportunity. From June 2017 to June 2018, more than 1,000 people were engaged with this program; touching Hearts and creating sustainable change in communities in Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix.



People working together helps drive change and when we join forces to improve communities, truly extraordinary results can be achieved. By working collaboratively with Points of Light (the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service) and other local partners, Southwest Airlines helped instill a greater sense of identity and pride in the English Avenue area of Atlanta, the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, and the South Park community of Phoenix.


From planting trees to painting murals and hosting block parties, Employees put their Hearts in Action to build connections and strengthen these communities by completing 16 different projects. Our Employees are dedicated to taking care of each other and their communities, representing the heartbeat of Southwest Airlines as Volunteers and Ambassadors committed to civic involvement. 


Let your love shine through—reach out and be of service. Each of us has the power to touch hearts, improve communities, and make lasting impact.

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