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Tracking Southwest's Shark Week 737


On June 3, we unveiled a Southwest Boeing 737-700 aircraft specially decaled with Shark Week graphics that can be seen flying through the sky this summer through August 31.  In preparation for Shark Week, we actually tracked the special aircraft for a day. It’s interesting when you compare an actual shark to the Shark Week 737.  Sharks can swim up to 35 miles per hour, and up to 50 miles per hour in short bursts.  Our plane, a 737-700, can fly at about 400 miles per hour.  A Great White Shark has been tracked to migrate 12,400 miles.  On the day we tracked the Shark Week 737 (N224WN), Saturday, June 25, 2016,  it flew 5,118 nautical miles!  On this day it originated in Columbus, flew to Tampa; on to San Juan, Puerto Rico; back to Tampa; on to Nashville; on to Denver; and finally terminated in Boise! Keep an eye out for the Shark Week plane , and let us know if you spot it! Post your photos with the hashtag #SharksTakeFlight so we can see all the great cities it visits.