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Travel Enhancements & International Booking Capabilities Now Available in Southwest’s Mobile Apps


At Southwest Airlines, we always strive to make traveling easier for our Customers. Recently, our mobile website and apps have undergone a few improvements that will make everything from your trip, arriving at the airport, and boarding easier. 


Book a Lyft Ride from the Southwest App
The Southwest Mobile Team has partnered with rideshare company Lyft to integrate a new day-of-travel banner into the Southwest apps. On the day of travel, a Lyft banner will be available for all logged-in users four hours prior to their flight. It will also be available for an hour following their arrival. The banner will link the user into the Lyft app or mobile website to book a Lyft ride.

Below are more specifics about the new Lyft feature:

  • This feature is available on the iOS (version 5.5.1) and Android (5.5.50) versions of the Southwest app. It is currently not available on the mobile website.
  • The user must be logged in to see the Lyft banner on their home screen and have their Rapid Rewards® account number associated with their trip.
  • The user must have a trip within four hours of departure or have arrived at their destination and are within one hour of arrival (will not be available if Lyft does not serve the area).
  • Users with location services enabled experience a customized view within the Lyft banner, which includes airport arrival time and estimated cost.
  • If you have a car booked through Southwest, and are at the airport within 30 minutes of departure, you will not see the banner.



Mobile Boarding Passes are now offered on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

A known pain point with Customers who book multi-Passenger itineraries is that they have been unable to retrieve their mobile boarding passes via the Southwest app and the mobile website—until now! Flyers on multi-Passenger itineraries will each be able to retrieve their own mobile boarding passes prior to their trip.

In order to retrieve a mobile boarding pass, users must: 

  • Have the most recent version of the apps, be logged into their own Rapid Rewards® account, and have their Rapid Rewards® account number associated with their trip.
  • Be eligible for a mobile boarding pass (infants, Unaccompanied Minors, individuals traveling on Senior Fare that need to be age verified, nonrevenue Passengers, and Military Fares are not eligible to receive a mobile boarding pass).

In this release, users will be able to access their own boarding pass(es). Users will not be able to view or access the other traveler’s passes while logged into their account. Each user must log in to their own account to retrieve their own mobile boarding pass(es). We hope this feature will give our Customers more self-service options on the day of travel and in the future, offer an option for obtaining all passes on an itinerary.




International Booking has Landed

International booking in our apps and mobile website is finally available (Android and iOS versions 5.6.1)! We’re excited to offer this feature which will give our Customers wanting to fly to and from any of our international destinations a better on-the-go booking experience. We are currently working on adding in the change/cancel functionality to all mobile channels towards the end of the year.




We hope that these recent mobile enhancements will make your future trips with Southwest even more convenient!