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SummerWe just recently published some summer travel tips on and you can read them here.  To those tips, I'd like to give you some hints and tips about travel from a Flight Attendant's POV (Point of View)! 1 - Luggage:  The travel tips have useful information about luggage, and as a reminder, please don't expand your carryon roller bag because it won't fit in the overhead bins. 2 - Pillows and Blankets:  Southwest Airlines is one of the few airlines that still provides complimentary pillows and blankets for our passengers.  If you need a pillow and blanket, they are usually located in the middle of the cabin.  Please take one of each, so that we have plenty to go around.  3 - Choosing Your Seat: Believe it or not, all of the seats get there at exactly the same time.  If you are a little timid about the bumps during flight, choose a seat up front or over the wing.  Also, please do not put any personal items in the empty seat next to you.  Most of our flights are full, and it will just take extra time if someone wants to sit next to you and perhaps make a love connection. 4 - Portable Electronic Devices and Cell Phones: This includes Game Boys, iPods, MP-3 players, DVD players, laptop computers, BlackBerries, etc...these devices must be completely turned off below 10,000 feet.  We will let you know when you can turn them on and when you must turn them off.  If you choose to use a  PDA during flight, make sure you know how to put it in airplane or game mode.  Also, remember we don't have any headphones on board, so bring your own and enough for your children as well. 5 - Seatbelts and the Seatbelt Sign: When the fasten seat belt sign is on, it is for your safety and the safety of those around you.  summerfunsmall.jpg6 - Inflight Service:  On those very quick flights, we endeavor to get your drinks out to you as quickly and safely as we can.  You can help us by knowing what you want to drink when we come by to take your order.  The Beverage Menu page is at the back of the Spirit magazine in the seatback. 7 - If possible, you may want to use the bathroom before you board! We have two lavatories on board our aircraft, one in the front and one in the back.  With 137 people on board, these lavatories can get busy.  Also remember that, for security reasons, no lines can be formed in the forward part of the aircraft or galley area. 8 - Unaccompanied Minors:  We love these kids!  Please be sure that you arrive early enough to fill out the additional paperwork and pack some things for your child to do.  Also, pack them some snacks, especially if they are going cross-country with us.  If you are going to pick up your child or grandchild, remember it is very difficult for the child to get up the jetbridge full of expectation and not have anyone there to meet him or her, so try to be at the gate before the flight's arrival time.  9 - Traveling with Children: Don't forget, we don't have assigned seats at Southwest Airlines.  So, you can avail yourself of the online checkin process at, 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure.  It helps if you have kids to be in the "A" boarding group.  This will ensure that you all have seats together upon boarding.  Also, please be mindful that we don't make money unless we are in the air.  This means that we have to tidy the aircraft in 20-25 minutes while we are on the ground.  If you need a trashbag to put your garbage in, just ask one of the Flight Attendants, and we will be more than happy to provide one to you.  Take these hints and tips to heart and you will have an enjoyable travel experience on Southwest Airlines.  Do you have any tips you'd like to add?  Simply add a comment to share with us and your fellow Passengers.  Have a GREAT trip!