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Travelers United Promotes 'Transfarency' in Congress

Frequent Flyer C
This is a guest post by Travelers United Chairman, Charlie Leocha. When it comes to hidden fees with airlines and hotels I say, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.” Travelers United is your consumer voice in Washington. If airline fees are making you mad as hell, join our effort and make your voice heard. Become a member at  Your donation is fully tax deductible. While Southwest Airlines prides itself on bags fly free and no change fees, other airlines across America are going fee crazy. They charge fees for carry-on bags, checked baggage, seat reservations, and all too often consumers aren’t fully aware until it’s too late. Travelers United, the largest non profit travel advocacy organization in the country, has taken a strong stand on this issue.  In  the halls of Congress and with the Department of Transportation, Travelers United is urging action to make other airlines follow Southwest’s lead and make their fees transparent. In Southwest-speak that means Transfarency on all of America’s airlines! Travelers United meets regularly with congressional members and staff representing consumers and advocating for transparent pricing.  Whatever airlines you fly, and whatever your purpose for flying, YOU the consumer deserve  to know the complete cost of travel including baggage when you purchase your ticket. When consumers work together to improve travel, Congress and the industry responds. Check out this video about our organization and watch for our next post about what YOU need to know about eliminating hidden hotel fees.