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Travelin’ Taylor Tour: Good Old War, Live at 35


GOODwin, ArnOLD, SchWARtz... see what they did there?

If you didn’t catch it, the guys of Good Old War—Keith, Tim, and Dan—came up with their band name by combining pieces of their last names to create something personal and unique.

That’s exactly what sets Good Old War apart—they infuse their true heart, soul, and personality into music and that makes their performances spectacular. What’s more, they brought their sound to 35,000 feet to help create a once-in-a-lifetime inflight experience for Customers during the Travelin’ Taylor Tour.

Needless to say, Passengers onboard were pretty impressed with Good Old War’s talent! Here’s a video clip to check out the amazing experience for yourself.

Want to get your hands on the Southwest-themed GS Mini that Dan from Good Old War is playing?  Head on over to and enter for your chance to win!