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Travelin' Taylor Tour: Vintage Trouble, Live at 35

Retired Community Manager

What is Vintage Trouble?  Or, more appropriately, who are Vintage Trouble? Four classy dudes decked out in suits, with a pretty solid taste in shoes, and the ability to rock out pretty hard.

I actually didn't learn until this video that Vintage Trouble got its name from the song that's featured in the vid, "Blues Hand Me Down."  If you haven't watched, you may be trying to connect the dots; during the song, singer Ty Taylor sings, "I come from Vintage Trouble, look out upon the one you found."

Before the explanation, I simply thought it was a sort of homage, or self-prescribed call-out.  Either way, I dug it, as the mid-song proclamation has a particularly (and literally) titular way about it, like when you hear the name of a movie an hour in and chills run up your spine because you feel like you're being let in on some big secret meaning.

The second song (featured below) is of a more sentimental persuasion.  "Nancy Lee" is a groovy tune written about what Ty imagines his father was like when he first laid eyes on Ty's mom, and began making her his girl.

Vintage Trouble also took the stage as the headliner for this year’s Denver Day of Rock, a free day of music for Denver presented by Concerts for Kids to raise awareness for children. Southwest proudly partners with Concerts for Kids as a sponsor of the event to raise and distribute donations for more than 50 child-focused health and education organizations in the Denver area. This year’s event helped raise over $500,000!