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Tricky Thinks Southwest Airlines is “Purrfect”

Explorer C

Tricky is a very special kitty that lives at the Good Mews Animal Foundation in Marietta, Georgia. She was the innocent victim of domestic violence when she was shot and became paralyzed in her hind legs. Many shelters turned her away because of the burden and cost of her care, but Good Mews welcomed her. In fact, she has become quite the mascot at the shelter, always welcoming visitors with her sweet green eyes, and is a favorite among Good Mews’ more than 400 active volunteers.

Good Mews was extremely fortunate to be a recipient of a Southwest LUV Grants for Good, awarded to six nonprofit organizations in Georgia earlier this year when Southwest began service to Atlanta. We are in the process of building a new shelter that will give us twice the amount of space to care for cats like Tricky that are in desperate need of a LUVing home. Southwest is literally helping us achieve this dream to put a roof over our kitties’ heads. We applaud Southwest for supporting community nonprofit groups like Good Mews, made up of dedicated volunteers who work to make our home a better place – for both human and animal residents.

Tricky in Fish Costume

Thank you, Southwest, for being such an active member of the Atlanta community and for supporting the nonprofit organizations that make our community such a wonderful place to call home. We LUV you!