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Turkey, Trimmings, and Other Thanksgiving To-Do’s

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There are several things that come to mind when we think about our to-do lists when getting ready for Thanksgiving:  baste the turkey, put the pumpkin pie in the oven, and clean our homes for the company that will soon arrive.  Chances are, though, most of us will do some sort of traveling this Thanksgiving too—it is the busiest travel time of the year, after all!  Whether you’re entertaining guests in your hometown or jet-setting across the country to meet the ones you LUV, we have some suggestions for FUN ways to go all out in celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday around a few of the cities we service! Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:  If you’ve been watching Macy’s iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade every year from your television, you can get a sense of the amazing spectacle this event really is.  However, there’s nothing like seeing the parade in person in New York City; you will need to get to your viewing spot early, dress warmly, and be prepared to stand for long periods of time, but catching that first glimpse of Santa and his sleigh at the parade’s finale is well worth the wait! Giving Thanks at Thanks-Giving Square:  Here in our hometown of Dallas, Thanks-Giving Square is a downtown space devoted to its namesake:  giving thanks.  Stop by the Chapel of Thanksgiving and marvel at the colorful stained glass in the Glory Window, one of the largest horizontally-mounted pieces of stained glass in the world.  And make sure to pay a visit to the Hall of Thanksgiving (below the chapel), where you can find the story behind the traditional American Thanksgiving. The Annual Fifth Third Turkey Trot:  What better way to burn some pre-feast calories than running a race?  Each Thanksgiving Day morning, Fifth Third Bank hosts the Fifth Third Turkey Trot in the Detroit area with deliciously-deemed races like the Mashed Potato Mile, the 10K Turkey Trot, the Drumstick Double, and the 5K S3 Stuffing Strut.  Dress up in costume for an extra helping of FUN, and make plans to stay for America’s Thanksgiving Parade once you’ve trotted your way down the race track! Dinner Cruise By the Bay:  If you’re looking for a slightly more unconventional way to feast this Thanksgiving, look no further than a dinner cruise in the San Francisco Bay.  Several cruise companies are offering a full Thanksgiving meal that Thursday, complete with live bands and beautiful views of the Bay.  You can choose from seated dinners or buffets with all the traditional trimmings. Volunteer:  There isn’t much we LUV more than giving back to our community.  Of course, volunteering is an activity you can participate in throughout the year, but there’s something particularly special about serving others around the holiday season.  VolunteerMatch is a great place to get started if you’re looking for ways and places to help those in need this Thanksgiving.  The best part is, there’s no limit to where or when you can volunteer—every city we service could use your helping hands!