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Turning 40 the Southwest Way

Frequent Flyer C

I’ve been working for this airline for nearly 13 years and one thing still amazes me—that fact that nobody can celebrate quite like Southwest!  

Saturday, June 18, marks Southwest Airline’s 40th anniversary—but why contain the festivities to just one day?  We started celebrating our 40th year back in February with Gary’s Messages to Field.  These “state of the Company” addresses took place in cities across the country, and the events' “Get Amped” rock theme—complete with an Employee Battle of Bands contest—set the stage for the celebrations to come.

MTTF 2011

On June 14, "Herb Kelleher Way," the honorary name of Cedar Springs Drive as it leads into Dallas Love Field, was officially dedicated at a ceremony attended by Dallas dignitaries, Southwest Leaders and Employees, and, of course, Colleen, Herb, and his family.  As a Southwest Employee, I couldn't be more proud!

Herb Way

During 2011 Southwest is throwing not one, not two, but three anniversary parties for Employees.  Why three?  Well, that would be one for each of our original cities—San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.  The San Antonio party was held on May 12 at SeaWorld San Antonio and more than 1,000 Southwest Employees and AirTran Crew Members joined in the fun.

SAT Party

The Houston party is scheduled for September 28, and the Dallas Party is tonight, June 17, and about to get started at anytime.  With the opening up of a 20-year-old time capsule and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals playing, it’s bound to be a rockin’ evening and celebration for Employees.  As will tomorrow night’s Annual Awards Banquet.  I can’t wait .. and I can’t wait to share all the details with you.  Stay tuned!

Explorer C
Thank you for your 40 year. I have been on your ride with you. I hope we both make another 40 as partners.
Explorer C
Congratulations - you're the best airlines ever!!!! Wouldn't travel with any other! When will you be traveling to Europe?
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Happy, Happy Birthday Southwest. Thanks for providing excellent service that gives us the opportunity of visiting our Granddaughters carrying lots of presents without paying extra baggage fees. Your telephone agents, ground and flight crews are courteous, friendly and efficient. You make flying so much easier!
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I love flying Southwest!! Your employees are the best! Keep up the good work!
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my husband and I will ONLY fly Southwest not only because of the FABULOUS service but the rates CANNOT be beat by ANYONE ! ! ( plus, I'm a 2+suitase kinda gal no matter where we go ! ) So HAPPY 40th S.W. Airlines ..... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK / See YA in August !!!!
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As a travel agent I love working with Southwest and as a traveler they are the best airline I have flown.. Happy Birthday and keep expanding your flights.
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I luv Southwest!!!! You ALL are doing a great job !! I will NOT fly anyone else Rose
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My husband and I are celebrating our 56th anniversary today. We'll celebrate your 40th birthday too. We love traveling Southwest.
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Fewer parties and lower fares -- now THAT'S the way to celebrate!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WOW You are still a youngster! SOUTHWEST IS THE BEST, and I tell everyone I talk to that, you can't find a better group of folks to fly with, the service shines above the competition. I wouldn't think of flying any other airline. Leaving this coming Fri. to fly to St. Louis for my 3rd time this year. Appreciate all you do for all of us. You are all Great!
Explorer C
We love to fly Southwest!! We have so much fun playing games with everyone, it seems to get our minds off of our everyday problems. The flight attendents are so funny, friendly and really care about what we need. Can't wait to book our next flight to the west coast, Southwest is the only way to fly!!!! Love you Southwest and employees!
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1971 was a WONDERFUL year! My husband, Gene & I celebrated our 40th anniversary on April 7 and plan to fly Southwest..our favorite airline out of San Niagara Falls!! So...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...and MANY MORE!!!
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Congradulations to my favorite Airline. Praying that i will be riding for 40 more years. I am disabled and you always take great care of me. Thank you so much. Joyce
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Dear Genie: Oh, how I WISH Southwest Airlines flew to every destination in the world... Just as I was ready to throw in the towel with flying, i.e.; buy the ticket, pay extra for baggage, pay extra for changing ticket, pay extra!, pay extra!!, pay extra!!!, along came...oh, it's just another jet - no, wait! It's SOUTHWEST AIRLINES and "POOF!" -welcome aboard Ms Beacham - enjoy your flight. Oh no, of course there's no extra charge for baggage - remember, we want you to ENJOY your flight. Oh, you have to change your plans? No problem - remember, we want you to ENJOY flying again. Thank you, Genie. Now I know youll be working on that flying to every destination in the world thang that Southwest must surely, purely be working on, yes?
Explorer C
I'm anxiously waiting to see when Southwest will fly to Charlotte, N.C. i enjoy flying on Southwest. One year we use Southwest when we took our family cruise. It was an enjoyable flight. Looking forward to some more flights to travel home on, in Florence, S.C. or Charlotte, N. C.
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We are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on June 19th. Glad to hear that we are all still around to celebrate! Love flying with Southwest. You do have great employees!!
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Wishing a fabulous birthday to a fabulous airline who has provided outstanding customer services, the safest airtravel at just the right price. Thank you for being customer focused with everthing that you do. Hope to keep flying with you forever!
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Congradulations, keep up the good work. Our favorite route is ORF/JAX, Only wish you flew direct ORF/EWR or ORF/PHL. Your employees/crew are always very friendly and helpful. Your service can't be beat compared to other airlines. Need to offer more cheap rates. It just goes to show everyone, that your fares can be reasonable and you still can be successful. Great job!
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Happy Birthday, THERE IS NO BETTER AIRLINE. If you fly where I am going and I have a choice, it will always be you. Jane Muto
Explorer C
Explorer C
May the road continue to rise before you and may the wind always be at your back
Explorer C
" HAPPY BIRTH DAY." Wish to see you in flying colours in days to come. You always remained our first choice. All the best. Suresh Nagle.
Explorer C
love flying with you hope sometime you might fly in to Portland Maine
Explorer C
My favorite airline. It's run like an airline should be run. As a regular customer I never have to worry about losing money if I need to change or cancel a ticket. I don't know of any other airline that doesn't put a fee on this. I can make reservations without worrying.....and that's a big plus....thanks, Southwest!
Explorer C
It is hard to believe I have flown Southwest for 40 years! As a college student when Southwest was founded, we are were so excited that we could afford to fly. The same has been true as newly weds, parents, and empty nesters. Your on time record and no bag fees has kept as fans. Employees with a sense of humor and nice attitudes is also a trademark. Southwest has always done it well! Thank you for the many good times and trips you made possible the last 40 years. Happy Birthday to a company that seems like a friend.
Explorer C
I love love love flying on Southwest. It's the best!!!! Cutomer servvice is excellent and everyone is so friendly. HAPPY BDAY!!!
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Congratulations Southwest on a great run. Here's to a century more of good service and good prices!
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Happy 40th to Southwest; a great airline which does things right...oh yea, my wife & I will share 40 th anniversary with you on July 4th
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Congratulations Southwest, you are always my first choice of an airline, when we need to go somewhere,, I would like to see a better price deals for loyal Customers, I hate it when your prices are much higher, then other airlines, I'm a big fan of Southwest, we will be flying with you on Thursday 23rd to Michigan. keep up the good work, all the very best on your special day, Lili-Ann
Explorer C
Congrats, but you have gotten too big and are no longer the price leader...with the acquisition of Air Tran I see higher fares in our S. E. market since Air Tran drove regional competitive carrier prices used to be a cute little the ugly 800 lb.
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Congratulations on your 40th birthday. I just celebrated my 70th High School Reunion in Nebraska in May and flew S/W in order to get there in time for my oldest sister's funeral. I was so grateful that I could depend on S/W to get me a decent fare in a limited time. Thank you, and I wish you many more years of flying. Vera
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CONGRATULATIONS on 40 years of GREAT service!!!! You're the only airline I fly! And ------ i've never had a problem and have had only excellent service! Keep up the good service!
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I always fly Southwest when I go somewhere Southwest flies. It is great airline. My Mom thinks the employees are so nice she made them cookies when she flew Southwest. Congratulations I look forward to the next 40 years!!
Explorer C
Happy 40th Birthday Southwest! We've flown many miles with you out of St. Louis and they've all been good flights. Keep up the good work!! Kemps
Explorer C
Congratulations!!!! I fly round trip .... Tucson to San Diego every week. You guys do a great joy. Keep up the good work and go for 40 more.
Explorer C
I plan all my domestic travel by looking at SWA destinations. Have done so for 20 years. I wrote a complimentary letter about an employee to SWA and Herb Kelleher wrote back a personal note. I still have it, and will always keep it. Quality, service, genuine care each and every time I fly. My loyalty runs deep. Ann Stewart
Explorer C
Love you! Thanks for the wonderful years of service!
Explorer C
i love the non stop flights from chicago to orlando,fl. but every time i fly im delayed going and coming back.
Explorer C
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOUTHWEST!! You've sent me a card on my birthday for years so I'm happy to return the favor. Without you I would not have visited nearly as many places I've been able to. Thanks Southwest and Happy Birthday. Nancy
Explorer C
My wife and I have been with your FF program since, at least 1996, and I like the way you guys do business. I have read "Nuts" twice and am a SWA stockholder. SWA does a great job as do their employees and the one thing I wish you had left untouched is your FF program. Love you folks.
Active Member
Happy B-day and may you have many more !!!!.... A very frequent flier singing praises (to all) of your great company and the fantastic people who make it work!
Explorer C
I only fly Southwest and have rarely been dissapointed! You get me where I need and want to go...promptly and with a smile! Keep doing what you do best, and I will remain a happy and grateful customer. I have been flying with you for 7 years,and wish you a happy 40th....forty more! DRB
Explorer C
CONGRATS SOUTHWEST ON 40 YEARS OF GREAT SERVICE! We've got to say that we have really enjoyed flying with you. At one point the rates were really great and we could visit our son at college in Florida. Unfortunately, with the rate increases over the past 10 - 12 months, we've been grounded!!! Hoping that turns around and we can fly with you again... you know there's Family Day this October and graduation next May : ) !!!!!
Explorer C
Would love to see Southwest fly from either Manchester, NH or Boston to Myrtle Beach, SC. The only option right now for a direct flight from either of these airports is SPIRIT.
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Southwest thanks for the 40 years Id like to thank you for all the trips I have had with you and the fact you don;t chage for luggage is one reason you show us how much you value us. Thanks for all you do for us and I hope you have another 40 years.
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Your plan to position SW in the market and then increase prices has worked. You are no longer the 'affordable airline".
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Great Airline, great service and even when they are not great they makeup in great ways. Love your staff who are competant and make all of us smile.
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Happy 40th, such a baby still, fly strong guys!
Explorer C
If Southwest does not fly there neither do I!!!
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Of all the airlines in service today, and the many who have departed, Southwest is by far the leader in so many ways. We love Southwest ~ the early bird check in is a wonderful option, but I wish those of us who spend the extra $s to access this feature could be guaranteed a position closer than the "A late 30's". It is certainly an improvement over position B or C, of course. Keep up the amazing work ~ your employees are outstanding!!!