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Twiddle Me This

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Tomorrow, I will be embarking on a top secret travel assignment for work!  To make the journey a little more FUN I am going to document it Carmen San Diego-style. I could easily let the secret slip, but it will be much more enjoyable to let the info slip out in a slew of Twiddles (or, riddles on Twitter).   The game will go like this:

  1. Follow us on Twitter  
  2. Either choose "follow" or, create an account then follow us
  3. Watch for witty updates, pics, and clues that will lead up to probably one of the coolest reveals in Southwest Airlines history (IMHO)
  4. @reply me with your translation of the clues, who I am with, what I am about to see!!
  5. If you get the answer correct I'll take you to lunch or to grab a drink after work (or if you don't want to hang out with me I'll send you a T-shirt).  But I won't reveal if anyone was correct until after the news is released by me via Twitter on Wednesday!
  6. Good Luck! Go get 'em gumshoes!


I know this all sounds very high tech, and you may be wondering what Twitter is and why would you need it.  For a quick tutorial click here:   

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I can't wait! Tweet away!!!! =D
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Uh, I'm going to say you'll be in New York, maybe at La Guardia, and a 737 will be revealed in conjunction with Sports Illistrated.......just a wild guess....
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Just for the record, no one calls them "twiddles" that I know of. It's "tweets."
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Susanne - As you point out, a typical post on Twitter is called a "Tweet." But a "Twiddle" is a cross between a Tweet and a Riddle. Tweet + Riddle = Twiddle
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The word on seems to be this will be an announcement about service to ATL (Atlanta).Or is it about the S.I. plane/swimsuit issue?