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Twitter what?

Adventurer C
OK. I'm addicted. Twitter. Facebook. They got me. Have you heard of them? They're all part of the 'social media' sites that allow people to communicate with friends and family. Twitter is a site that people use to post a quick note on their current status. So, you'll see people post things like 'Headed to my favorite pizza place' or 'Attending the marketing conference. Who will be there?' Maybe a little much, but I have found it interesting to see what people post. Facebook is like your own web page with photos, messaging, video postings, a graffiti wall for people to draw on, band tracking of your favorite band and more. Of course, it's all random and you know how much I love this. One random bit of fun for me was to have a couple of friends (Brian and Becs) who my husband and I met at a bar in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, 'friend me' in Facebook. Out of the blue! Haven't talked with them in a year and a half. (They live in Scotland). We're now planning a trip to see them again in September. What do you think? Have you checked these things out? We have a group in Facebook--if you're a member and want to check it out, it is "Southwest Airlines Freedom 101." We also have a Twitter account - Anyone in Second Life? Others we haven't mentioned?