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USS Blog Boy's Deployment Diary--Chapter One

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This marks the first installment of Francisco Delgado's posts about his deployment on the Nimitz.  (We received it not long after the post below went online.) Yesterday (April 2) was a sight to see in San Diego Bay. I was on the flight deck manning the rails so I had a great view. Our ship left right on time at 0930, and as soon as they called "underway shift colors," everything started to sink in. I could see many family members on the pier waving flags and holding up signs. I could also see many tears rolling down cheeks, and I could not help but notice all of the small children wondering when they would see their mom or dad again. The ship pulled away from the pier, and the reality set in that we would be heading overseas and that I would not see home for six months.   Pulling a huge ship out of the bay is a complicated process. Thank God for tug boats. As we pulled out from the pier we made a turn and started to head west. As you may know, our ship cannot fit under the Coronado Bay Bridge, so we have to go the other direction. I was now facing downtown San Diego. I could not help but notice all of the other boats in the bay. Most of them were waving American flags, and we had a few follow us all the way out to Point Loma waving their flags. I could also see the airport--I saw a Southwest jet take off, and boy did I want to be on that plane. Now, we are out to sea ready to complete any mission that is given to us. I feel a sense of pride knowing that our ship is once again part of history. I got many e-mails from my mom yesterday, she was crying all day. I couldn't blame her because after all, she is a mom, and moms want their kids near by. I will keep you posted throughout our journey.