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USS Blog Boy's Deployment Diary--The Final Chapter

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During the past year, Southwest Airlines Customer Francisco Delgado has been sharing his experiences while serving on the USS Nimitz.  (To read the previous entries, click on Francisco's name above.)  He is home now, and this is the final chapter in his deployment diary. FAREWELL USS NIMITZ!!!! After a long six month deployment, all 6,000 of us returned to San Diego. final-chapter-san.jpgWe had left our home port on April 2nd and headed straight for the Middle East where we launched air campaigns over Afghanistan and Iraq. It was a long summer, and it seemed like a long deployment, but we are all back safe and sound. Our ship fulfilled its mission, and she fulfilled her obligation to our country. I want to thank you each for your support,final-chapter-office.jpg your letters, your e-mails, and your care packages during the past six months. Kim, thanks for the macaroni and cheese. Brian, and  all of the Southwest Airlines Employees, thank you for the care package, for the card, and for supporting us. Thank you for supporting our troops on the ground who have sacrificed so much so that others may taste freedom. Now onto a more personal subject.... On October 15, I was honorably discharged from the Navy. It was very difficult decision to make. The Navy was challenging at times, yet it opened my eyes to the world; it brought me new friends; and it taught me very important life-long lessons. I am proud to have served our country during these very historic times. I am also deeply humbled by the support and love that was given to me by my family, my friends back home, and by the new friends that I have met through this blog. It has been an honor to serve, but now it is time to start the new chapter of my life. I have since moved back to Albuquerque, New Mexico, final-chapter-abq.jpgand yes I have had a green chile overdose. (Thanks Mom.) I am currently working at Wells Fargo Bank, and I will be finishing my degree in finance at the University Of New Mexico--go Lobos. I look forward to being a civilian again, and I look forward to continuing to be part of this blog. Hope to see you guys (Francisco and his niece.)