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Up in SMOKE, Media Day 2010 Has Begun!

Greetings from SMOKE, a restaurant nestled in a quaint area of South Dallas, specializing in the ancient Texas art of BBQ.

Southwest Airlines is hosting journalists, bloggers, and other media folk from around the nation for Media Day 2010.  The fun, you guessed it, has already begun.

In addition to fine cuisine, we have tasked each table group to craft its own Boeing 737, using molding clay and other supplies.  This could get ugly.

The real fun starts Thursday.  We have plenty of exciting announcements planned.  Even if you're not personally here, we'd still love for you to join us.

We'll be streaming most of Media Day 2010 live on our Facebook page.

Are you looking for more information on our announcements?  Starting tomorrow, follow SWAMedia for neatly-compiled presentations.