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Update: Overnight effort resolves issue for Customers who experienced multiple bookings in error

The overwhelming response from Customers who took advantage of our August 3 limited time offer created website performance issues at various times during the weekend. Our Employees worked tirelessly to resolve the issue and have confirmed that the duplications are no longer occurring. By initiating an "all hands on deck" approach, we have identified all Customers impacted and proactively initiated refunds back to their financial institutions for any erroneous bookings. These refunds are currently being processed, but timing will vary depending on the individual bank. If a refund has not yet posted to your account, we recommend contacting your bank – they will be able to provide the quickest update regarding pending refunds.

Here is an overview of our current efforts:

  • All erroneous bookings have been identified and refunds are currently being processed for all Customers impacted with duplicate bookings. 
  • We have heard Customer concerns regarding cancellation of their original reservation and have instructed our Employees to restore the itinerary, honoring the original fare.
  • For those Customers who used debit cards and have received overdraft fees as a result of the additional charges, we will process a reimbursement for all overdraft fees that were caused by duplicate charges from Southwest for a single purchase. If you incurred overdraft fees, please fax documentation of those fees via a letter from your bank or a copy of your account showing the fees to 877-506-0154. 

Southwest Airlines is committed to providing Customers with exceptional service both online and onboard. Our goal was to resolve this issue as quickly as possible to minimize any inconvenience to you, our valued Customers. We will continue to work with each of you on any outstanding issues you may be experiencing. Please contact us here.