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View From The Front

Adventurer B
What does the view from the cockpit look like?WebFtView.jpg A picture is worth a thousand words! This was shot over Illinois at about 12,000 feet. I went to college about 100 miles ahead of this shot (Champaign-Urbana) and always hoped I would get to fly something. Boy, had I only known.
Explorer C
A flight I was on from PHX to LAX last month was blessed with funniest Flight Attendant. He had most of the passengers in stitches off and on during the entire flight I regret that I didn't get his name because he deserves recognition. If it helps to locate him I remember two of his jokes. When we landed and were secure at the gate, he said "OK, we're here, get out." He also sings a revised rendition of "Crazy".
Explorer C
I love that airplanes have windshield wipers.
Explorer C
I love big airplanes! I just love to travel although I've never been flying or thourgh Chicago or Illinois for that Matter.
Explorer C
I'm sorry to say I dont fly your airlines. I travel some with my older sister and I had A&E on one night and some of the things that was going on took me back a step,my sister is 60 and I need to know if I buy a ticket that we will be on that flight. Just to let you you know. Thank you Margaret Masigla 19302 Fagan CT Cerritos,CA 90703
Explorer C
We had a female flight attendant, DTW-Phx. You could hardly hear what she was saying the whole flight. She was soft spoken, until we landed then she started singing. Then they asked all of us if we wanted free flights. When we said yes, she said marrty a flight attendant!.
Explorer C
I have found Southwest pilots to be quite friendly.....the always seem to love their jobs! I wish I was a pilot myself. I've loved planes &* flying since I was a kid.
Explorer C
Thanks for the photo Captain Stark; as a mere cabin dweller, I'm fascinated by what goes on in the front!
Explorer C
Margaret, that show highlights mostly the bad side of the airline business. There are a few things that you can do. Print your boarding pass off 24 hours before your flight. If your sister needs to, she can preboard. Allow plenty of time to get to the airport.Some of those people on that show where drinking in the bar and missed the boarding call, or were outside having a smoke or just didn't arrive soon enough. It is less expensive for airlines to oversell a flight and give refunds. Not everyone shows up sometimes. Give them a try and let us know what happens.
Explorer C
The front of the bus is the best... I am suffering from a bad case of flying withdrawl. I am a graduate student that retired from the US Navy last year. I did a lot of flying for 22 years, most of it from the Flight Engineer seat of an E-6B (707). Now I live vicariously through my travels on Southwest. One more year of school and then it is back to aviation, hopefully with Southwest.... You guys are awesome!
Explorer A
Thank You so much Ray for posting that picture. Whever I am on a flight and I have the opportunity to sit next to one of our pilots. I always ask them what it looks like from their perspective. Now I actually have a visual and not just my imagination. Robin
Explorer C
First, it's great to hear that Southwest will be coming to Washington Dulles this fall. For those of us who live in Northern Virginia, BWI is just too far to drive at rush hour. When I worked for a company that trained pilots from corporate flight departments and regional airlines, I got to ride along in the cockpit jumpseat a number of times in different types of aircraft ranging from EMB-120s to 737s. (Rough duty). You can't imagine what the view is like up there. The view from the cabin doesn't begin to compare. Watching an IMAX movie about flying in a balloon might come close. On a clear night at 35,000 feet, you can easily make out the lights of cities 200 miles away. Dallas and Austin look like they're right next door. I probably wouldn't be able to jumpseat any more with the stricter security regulations today, so I'm glad I got the chance when I could. Not for nothing do pilots sometimes joke that they can't believe they get paid to fly.
Explorer C
I am a frequent business flyer and I love your open seating policy. I can't always control how far in advance I can make reservations, but I can always make time within the 24 hours preceding the flight to check in online and get an A ticket. So I hope your consideration of of seat assignments (heaard on the news today) falls by the wayside. I have been flying Southwest almost exclusively for three years by choice even though my company will pay for the other guys.
Explorer C
Years ago, when security was easier and during the first "Gulf War" I worked a lot of military charters. I had the chance to ride in the cockpit over twenty times. The take off and landings are amazing! Watching the pilots from pushback to arrival gives you a much greater respect for what they do! They really use all those little dials and switches. lol It is really sad that people are not able to ride "up front" any more. Its somthing you never forget.....
Frequent Flyer B
Cap'n Ray, As I've said over and over throughout this blog, Southwest is absolutely my favorite airline, and the LUV that I feel for you guys is unparalleled. However, as much as I enjoy being a passenger in the cabin of one of your 737s, I have to admit that it is not my absolutely favorite PLANE to fly in. The views out the side windows of your planes have been very enjoyable for me over the years, allowing me to see many parts of our country as I sit back and savor my bag of peanuts. However, as you know, the BEST views come from the front seats in your office. To borrow a SWA ad phrase from years ago, "The Company Plane" is a great way to get around, but my employer also has a 'company plane' which I am fortunate enough to fly in from time to time. My favorite seat in our Falcon 50 jet is the front jumpseat directly behind the co-pilot, where I've spent many hours with a radio headset on my ears and my camera up at my face, taking in the view from the cockpit. You guys with the striped epaulets have the BEST view around! Thanks for posting this great picture! Best wishes and a salute to the best and friendliest commercial pilots around, Kim
Explorer C
Dear Southwest Airlines, I want to start by saying your the best airline EVER!!! Your provide first class service at a very extremely low price. I love the fact that you have leather seating and that your child friendly.I would not ever fly any other airline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!