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View From the Top: J/C Get Some Wheels to Go Along With Their Wings

Explorer A

Southwest Flight Attendants, Jodi and Christie (J/C), are used to looking down from the window seat of a plane, but they've never had the luxury of looking down from the 1st place position at an Amazing Race "Pit Stop"--until now!

When I think of Siberia, a harsh-faced man in a fur coat walking alone in a frozen wasteland comes to mind. Well, I got the frozen and fur parts right! The Amazing Race couples tried their hands at wood stacking, shutter constructing, and bobsledding in this week's leg, and had to brave the cold while doing it.

Even though J/C started second to last, they quickly moved up the ranks by taking a trip to the local Transylvanian Internet cafe to book their flight to Russia. Athletic sisters, LaKisha and Jennifer, and stuntman brothers, Mark and Michael, were fortunate enough to join them, but the remaining five teams were left to take a later flight, and they largely raced against each other until the end. Wood stacking was a piece of cake for J/C (proving that all of their experience magically arranging baggage to fit in overhead bins is good for something other than ontime departures), and Christie's quick eyes and a lot of luck in unscrambling C-H-E-K-H-O-V put the girls ahead of LaKisha and Jennifer to finish victoriously as Team #1.  Their prize:  two brand-new motorbikes! Meanwhile, using not-so-friendly but effective means, Margie and Luke sent Amanda and Kris on a "Blind U-turn," forcing an extra task that ended up being more than they could bear as they were eliminated from the race.

Next week, cold-weather conditions continue, and our Flight Attendants show a little more SOUTHWEST SPIRIT than they may have bargained for.